As a homeowner, you never want to be told that your home as bad plumbing. You invest in a home assuming that everything is working properly, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If your home does happen to have bad plumbing, you should want to be one of the first to know so you can do what is necessary to get it fixed and working back to normal.

In today’s blog post, we’ll go over five of many signs that show the plumbing in your home is outdated and needs to be replaced by a professional residential plumber.

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Continue reading below for our five signs that your home has bad plumbing.

1. Loud Noises.

If your plumbing system is making strange, unwarranted noises, your home might have bad plumbing. These noises might not necessarily be detrimental — at first. However, the longer you wait to address these noises, the more costly your emergency repairs might be in the future when something does go wrong.

2. Extremely Low Water Pressure.

Another sign of bad plumbing is low water pressure in your home. Your running water should be anywhere between 45 and 60 psi — any higher than that could ruin the pipes of your plumbing system, and any lower could cause your running water not to work properly. Have your low water pressure checked out by a professional because this likely means you have clogged pipes.

3. Stains On Your Walls.

Have weird, unexplanatory stains on the walls of your home? You might have bad plumbing. Wall stains are a sign of pipes leaking through your walls, and this is a sure sign that you have bad plumbing. Call your professional, trusted plumber immediately to address this issue.

4. Leaks.

Do you find that your home has more leaks than your other homeowner friends? You clearly have a bad plumbing system installed in your home, and the sooner you invest in a better plumbing system, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits of energy efficiency and less leakage.

5. Discolored Water.

When you turn on your running water, does discolored water come out of your faucets? Discolored water is a sign of rusted pipes, which means your plumbing system is old. Your plumber can help you address this issue, and the sooner you replace your pipes, the healthier and safer you and those who reside in your home will be.

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