As a homeowner in Las Vegas, you’re concerned with your plumbing. Water is of utmost importance to you and those you love who live in your home. A leaky faucet or cracked bathtub may not seem like a big problem now, but it can turn into an expensive home repair later.

What happens when your leaky faucet turns into a plumbing issue that costs you thousands? How do you explain a cracked bathtub allowing gallons of water through to your floor and beyond? It’s not surprising that homeowners all over the nation spend millions on plumbing repairs due to believing a small problem cannot turn into a larger one.

At Vegas Valley Plumbing, we understand your indifference to a leaky faucet. Until you’re lying in bed, the drip-drip-drip of your bathroom faucet doesn’t annoy you enough to do something about it. Most simply roll over and stuff their head under their pillow. Trust us and our 20-plus years of experience, don’t be an ostrich! Get your head out of the sand and give us a call. Until you schedule your appointment with us, read this article and learn about 8 surprising home plumbing issues and what to do about them.

8 Surprising Plumbing Issues

You own a home in Las Vegas. You want to keep from having to pay for a plumber. And you’re always on the look out for how to maintain your home. But you’re not sure what to look for to prevent plumbing issues before they occur. Below, you will find the eight surprising plumbing issues so that you can avoid costly repairs.

#1. Discolored/Rusted Pipes

The next time you’re poking around beneath your kitchen sink or in the basement tracking down a leak, check on your pipes. Do they look rusted and discolored or are they shiny and new? Discolored or rusted pipes can be a sign that you have a larger plumbing issue at hand. It’s better to call an expert than to let the issue get worse and cost you more.

#2. Sewer Odor

If you know anything about your home sewer system, then you know that every sewer needs a trap and every trap needs a vent. These traps and vents prevent sewer odors from entering your home. If you start to smell sewer gas in your home, you’ve got a sewer trap or vent problem — or potentially a sewer line issue. You can fix this yourself, but it’s best to have a professional from Vegas Valley Plumbing to ensure that the issues is resolved and others are not lingering in wait to cause you problems later.

#3. Weak Water Flow

You head to the sink faucet. You turn the faucet on. And you get a weak flow of water. What do you do? Who do you call? Can you fix it yourself? Before you call your local plumber, check the flow of water from other faucets in the home. If the other faucets have weak water flow, you have a bigger plumbing issue than expected. If it’s just the one faucet, it may be a smaller problem that can be fixed easily.

#4. A Slow Drain

If you discover your sink draining slowly, you may have a clog or blockage. In most cases, a clog or blockage is easily remedied. However, if you’ve tried a snake, chemical, or other methods, but your sink is still not draining properly, you may have a more serious plumbing problem. Plumbing line blocks farther down your lines means you’ll need professional help from your local plumber.

#5. Beyond Frozen Pipes

You know that if your water stops flowing during winter, you’ve got frozen pipes, but did you know that those frozen pipes can cause huge plumbing issues in your home? Even if you thaw your pipes properly, you may still find leaks, cracks, and more with your pipes. It’s not enough to wait out the freeze. You need to have a professional plumber come inspect your pipes to ensure you won’t come across a costly plumbing repair or replacement bill down the road.

#6. Rising Water Bills

Over time, your water bills will fluctuate. Understandably, you may add a garden or landscape your yard. You may even have someone move back into your home for a certain amount of time. But what happens when nothing in your home life changes, and your water bill spikes? You need to check your toilet, yard-watering features, and sinks for dripping or running water. If none of these features have issues, you may have a plumbing leak somewhere that you can’t see. The surprise of a spiked water bill can throw you into a panic. Instead of stressing for long, call you local plumber to help resolve the problem.

#7. Bubbly Ceiling or Walls

You may see bubbles forming in your ceiling or wall. This is not due to heat. In most cases, bubbly ceilings or walls is due to a water leak behind said wall — or a leak that’s running down the inside of that wall. You want to get this problem fixed as soon as possible, seeing that if you don’t, mold may start to form, which is a more serious health risk than anything else.

#8. Green Patch

You may have a nice looking yard. You probably take good care of it. And if you don’t take care of your yard, a green patch may look out of place. If you have a greener patch of grass in your yard than anywhere else — almost as if you planted a different kind of grass in that spot — you probably have a sewer issue. While a sewer line issue can help your grass grow, it’s going to also make your bank account shrink. What’s more, a sewer line issue can cause a sinkhole in your yard, where the dirt compacts due to the extra liquid. Don’t wait to call your plumber. Schedule an appointment today!

Have you noticed any of the plumbing issues listed in this blog? Give your local plumbers a call today! Vegas Valley Plumbing will come out and take care of your needs.