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One of the greatest inventions of the modern world is the plumbing system. Ingenious really, if you stop and think about it. Before the advent of a plumbing system and sewer system, human waste was just washed into local rivers, ponds, tributaries, watering holes, and the ocean. For many centuries, we were poisoning ourselves from diseases caused by human waste, such as cholera, without even knowing it. Luckily, we wised up, and our modern waste system with plumbing was born.

Vegas Valley Plumbing is a plumbing company that serves the Las Vegas, Nevada, area including Henderson, Paradise, and Spring Valley, with residential plumbing and emergency plumbing services. From clogged toilets and drains to plumbing system leaks and repairs, we’ve got all of your plumbing repairs covered. In this blog post, we’ll go over signs your toilet may need to be replaced. Contact us today if you have a clogged toilet!


Constant Clogging

Unless you have a wily two-year old who loves to throw toilet paper down the toilet, you should not have frequent clogging issues. In fact, you should rarely have a clogged toilet if you are using it properly and if it is functioning properly. If you are having a toilet that clogs constantly and in need of toilet repair from Vegas Valley Plumbing on a regular basis, then it’s probably time for a new toilet. This may be an indication that your toilet has a faulty part or there is a different blockage in your sewer lines. In either case, you need to call us for a home plumbing inspection promptly.

Trouble Flushing

If you are finding yourself flushing the toilet more than normal (or even more than once), this is a sign you may need a toilet repair or replacement. This could be a sign that the mechanism that flushes needs replaced, the water jets are just not working to flush the excrement down, or your water pressure is too low. No matter the cause, Vegas Valley Plumbing should be called in to have a gander at your toilet.

Unexplained Water Around Your Toilet

It’s one thing to have water around your toilet when you know from whence it came; it’s a completely different thing to have water around your toilet that you have no idea where it came from on a perpetual basis. This is most likely a sign of a crack in your toilet that is causing a water leak. This definitely warrants a visit from your local plumber, Vegas Valley Plumbing, for either a toilet repair or a toilet replacement service. It could be as simple as a matter of chalking, or it could be much worse. Give us a call today to find out.

Running Toilet

No, your toilet is not physically running from you. However, if every time you use the toilet, you find it running, this is a good sign you need a toilet repair or replacement service from Vegas Valley Plumbing, a plumbing business here in town. Your toilet is most likely in need of a mechanism adjustment, but it’s best to have it thoroughly checked out and adjusted by a local plumber in case the problem does become more serious in nature.

Your Toilet is a Stone Age Toilet

What we mean is that your toilet is old. Older toilets may work just fine, but if your toilet is really old (and outdated in style), you may want to consider a toilet replacement service by Vegas Valley Plumbing. Modern toilets are energy-efficient and conserve water when you flush, which not only is great for the environment, but it’s good for your pocketbook as well. Plus, a new toilet could make your bathroom remodel sizzle.


Vegas Valley Plumbing offers the best plumbing services in the greater Las Vegas area. We offer home plumbing inspections to determine if there is a problem with any of your plumbing. As a Top Rated Local® plumber in Vegas Valley, we pride ourselves on the customer care we offer. Whether you need us at 2 am or 2 pm, we can work around your schedule to make it work. Contact us today for your next toilet repair need!